How to Charter?

In general there are three methods to charter a yacht:

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1. Yacht Charter:
You hire a yacht for a period of time, along with its crew and other services like meals, drinks and extras like water ski, scuba diving, general water sports equipment ect., all for yourself and the number of people you‘ll bring with you -of course limited by the accomodation capacity of the yacht. If you are more crowded than the yacht‘s capacity can hold, then you might have to choose a larger vessel or order additional yachts. The crew always includes a reliable, experienced skipper and a cook good in local dishes. The menu options are usually classified as ‘standart‘, ‘lux‘ and ‘delux‘… In the Adventure Yachting Group you‘ll find that the menus are all quite good for whatever they are classified. The yacht charter cruses follow the routes of some planned tours, ie. itineraries. However you can discuss your own itinerary, should one of the offered tours will not suit what you are looking for.
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2. Cabin Charter:
You share a yacht with other guests. It is rather a pleasant social event where you meet other people, probably from some other part of the world and make long lasting friendships. Here too you have your captain, your cook and your crew. However for cabin charter meals, the menu is nearly allways standart but don‘t hold back, because we guarantee the quality. Well, it is no use to try to impose your own itinerary for the tour. Cabin charter tours are usually standardized and applied back to back. However the itineraries are well planned to keep business attractive.
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3. Bareboat Charter (without captain):

You just hire the vessel with its sails, motor and other equipment and you are on your own. Of course you ought to have a licence to prove that you can handle the boat. You may, if you want, hire a skipper and other crew. You can bring your own food and drink ration with you or you can choose from what the charterer has to offer. (The charterers are usually experienced enough to know what goes best with what…)

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