What is Blue Voyage?

Why Take a Blue Voyage?

Zelda7 (Copy)The experience of a Blue Voyage can be a time to rejuvenate the spirit while you discover and experience the nature. It can be a spiritual adventure as well as a worldly one. If you are a history lover, the Blue Voyage can take you to the wealth and power of bygone civilisations and ancient cultures. Visit the private beach of Cleopatra, eternal fires of mount Olympos, Myria Rock Tombs, archaeological remains of ancient civilisations on land and under the sea around Fethiye is a unique experience.

On a Blue Voyage, you can leave behind the world of routines imposed on you by modern life and responsibilities. Most of us live out our lives in large cities where the city lights dull the brightness of the stars. On a Blue Voyage, while you lay out on deck at night, you can see all the stars as you hear and feel the lapping of the water against your boat. In the rush of city life it is possible to loose perspective on the value of health, rest, and relaxation.

One a Blue Voyage, everything you hear, smell, taste, see, feel, and live can excite the mind and bring peace to the soul. If your voyage coincides with the full moon you will be astounded by the it`s size and magnificence lighting up the night sky. Slipping into the dark water for a night swim after a hot day can be a treat of it`s own. The peaceful quiet waters will cool you down for a restful and healthful night`s sleep. Snorkeling along the brilliant coastlines together with fish of many colours is another treat everyone can enjoy. After a week or two afloat in this scenic wonderland, everyone finds their own treasures and gifts… and will have many opportunities to revel in our healthy and happy environment.