Gulet Charter Process

Gulet Charter Process

Yacht charter process starts at the moment when you contact us, it ends when your holiday is finished and you return home without any problems.

1. Demand for Yacht Chartering

You can take a look at the yachts on our web site and can send us your demands by using our communication modules for the yacht/s you liked. Your demands will be responded within 24 hours maximum. While completing these forms, please specify if you want us to contact you via telephone or e-mail.

Moreover, by directly calling us within the working hours, you can send us your demand or request an offer from us.

After your demand has reached us, you will receive an e-mail from us, containing the yacht alternatives suitable for the details you provided. First of all, if these alternatives are more than one, you can specify the one that is the most suitable for you and obtain our opinion as to which one of those you chose would be better for you. Our sales representatives will guide you in the best way.

After having decided on the correct yacht, we can move onto the second phase.

2. Deciding on the Details and Yacht Charter Contract

The route to be followed, food and drink details, special organizations, airport transfer details will be put together and the yacht charter contract will be prepared. Although all the details are specified in the contract, except for the starting and finishing points, route details, food and drink details, organization and transfer details can be changed in line with your demands until the last minute.

The yacht charter contract whose latest version is created and signed by us will be sent to you via e-mail. You must print and sign this contract and send it back to us via e-mail or fax.

In order for the contract to be valid, 40% of the total charter value must be paid via bank transfer. As soon as the payment receipt reaches us, we make the final confirmation of the tour and rent you the yacht you demanded for the dates you demanded.

Cancellation and Return Policy

You may want to cancel your tour or demand to change the dates for any reason. If the yacht wasn’t booked for the dates to which you’d like to change, we’d be glad to help you.

In case of the cancellation of charter, our cancellation policy is as follows:

The amount equivalent to

25% of the down payment for the cancellations made at least 90 days before the tour date

50% of the down payment for the cancellations made 89-60 days before the tour date

75% of the down payment for the cancellations made 59-40 days before the tour date

100% of the down payment for the cancellations made 39-0 days before the tour date

is collected as the cancellation charge.

Due to the fact that we have only one of each yacht and that it is difficult to sell the same dates for a period around the tour date, this cancellation policy is implemented by all the yacht owners and agencies.

In spite of this, in cases of illness, disaster, war etc., by negotiating in good faith with the owner of the yacht that is rented, and if the yacht owner gives an approval,  a reimbursement of 100% can be made. But this decision is completely under the initiative of the yacht owners.

3. Completing The Tour

If you demanded airport transfer from our company, your tour starts when we greet you at the airport. If your flight is earlier than the starting time of the tour, you can organize an activity for the waiting period or by leaving your luggage at our office, you can freely take a city tour.

Until the starting time of the tour comes, our team will have completed all the preparations and you can start your tour. The fact that you entered the yacht you rented doesn’t indicate the end of our responsibility. During the charter period, you can communicate all your demands to your customer representative either directly or via yacht captain.

At the end of the charter period, if it was stated earlier on, one of our vehicles takes you from the yacht and brings you to the airport for the transfer.

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